Welcome Back To School!

Welcome Back, Spartans!
Posted on 08/31/2020
Welcome Back

Dear Spartan Families,

Welcome to the first week of school!

Preparations for the arrival of our students on Thursday and Friday this week are well under way. Currently, all staff are engaged in Professional Learning regarding Health and Safety protocols, Student Mental Health and Well Being and about issues related to Equity and Anti-Bullying. In addition, classrooms are being organized to create a safe, warm and welcoming environment for all of our new and returning students. Excitement and anticipation are building around the school!

We are communicating some key messages to families in this correspondence, in order to ensure that everyone is as prepared as possible for the first day of school.

Key Messages


Kindergarten Team – Shauna Whiteside (Teacher) and Kim Ridley (ECE)

Grade 1/2  - Heidi Tyler

Grade 3/4  - Mary Lynn Kimmett, Lydia Warren

Grade 5/6 – Christina Quaresma

Grade 7/8 – Ben Clapp

French – Sue Raddon

We would like to welcome Ms. Lydia Warren to Centreville Public School. Ms. Warren will be taking over the part time Grade 3/4 position for the first three weeks of the school year until a permanent person is named. This will occur once the Virtual School is open and the reorganization period is complete. Welcome, Ms. Warren!

Around the School

  1. There is a student in our school with a life threatening allergy to nuts. Please do not send any food products with your children that contain nuts or nut products. Check food labels carefully before inclusion in your child’s lunch/snack container.
  2. All of our students from JK-8 are required to wear masks while on the bus and when in the school unless the child has a medical exemption. For our students in JK-3, this represents a change in policy but will be addressed through a process of education and support for our young learners. At no time will working towards this goal be punitive.
  3. Children should bring a mask or face covering from home. The school can supply masks in the event that the child’s equipment is lost or damaged.  
  4. Please have your child wear a fanny pack or clothes that have pockets so that the mask can be safely stored at recess time when they are not required to wear them.
  5. If you are making changes to your child’s bus arrangements (or other urgent messaging), please notify the school by 3:00 p.m. at the latest. You must speak to someone in person to make these arrangements. Do not leave a phone message or send an e-mail and assume that it will be read in time. Remember that when communicating important messages to a teacher by e-mail, a staff member might be absent that day and your message may not be received until it is too late.
  6. In order to appropriately monitor and control school entrances during lunch and recess periods, the front door will be locked between 10:30-10:45 a.m., 11:35 a.m.-12:35 p.m. and 2:15-2:30 p.m. Staff may be away from the offices during these periods taking care of other issues so please try to avoid these times if coming to the school is necessary. If there is an urgent situation, a yard supervisor can assist you. They can be found at the back of the school wearing high visibility vests.
  7. Please send your children with litterless lunches. Any leftover food (including peelings) and wrappings etc. will need to be sent home this year.
  8. Your children will only need one pair of shoes for the first weeks of school. No indoor shoes are required at the moment. We will notify you when this changes.
  9. Do not send toys or unnecessary personal items to school with your child.
  10. Please return any tech that you borrowed from the school for the remote learning period on the first day back. It is important that we have our technology to facilitate student learning.
  11. As much as possible, we will be communicating with our families electronically. It is vitally important that we have current and accurate contact information available. Please pass this message on to other Spartan families. We will be sending home a paper communication very soon requesting an e-mail address if possible.

Please feel free to contact the school if you have any questions about our Return to School! See you soon, everyone! Only a few more sleeps!

John Ricci

Principal, Centreville Public School

Check out some of our classrooms!

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Classroom Picture

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