Centreville Shines at Cross Country Competitions!

Centreville Shines at Cross Country Competitions!
Posted on 10/17/2018

Great Days For CPS runners At Fort Henry          Cross Country Runners                                                            

On Tuesday, October  9th, 24 kids represented CPS at the regional cross country meet at Fort Henry in Kingston. It looked like a nice day to have a long run but when we got off the bus it felt like an oven outside!!! Even though it was unbelievably hot, we still had a long, hard race to finish. The team was tired and dying of thirst during their races but everyone demonstrated a positive attitude and even more importantly everyone finished their races and ran their hearts out. After regionals 7 CPS students made it onto the district meet (Sadie, Rory, Shayne, Carson, Keiran, Payton, and Hailey). Unlike  regionals the district meet was freezing!! This however was a refreshing change for the runners. All CPS students had races to remember including Shayne who had an impressive 12th place finish in her first year at CPS. Congratulations to all runners. Cross Country Runners A huge thank you to our coach Mrs.Minielly who once again made sure that we were more than prepared for our meets. Thank you for giving us all this opportunity.

By Hailey Tyler