Literacy Week 2020!

Literacy Week 2020!
Posted on 02/06/2020
Family Literacy Day

Literacy Week at Centreville Public School


Family Literacy Day takes place every January 27th to raise awareness about the importance of reading and engaging in other literacy-related activities as a family. Since 1999, thousands of schools, libraries, literacy organizations and other community groups have taken part in the initiative. Taking time every day to read or do a learning activity with children is crucial to a child’s development, improving a child’s literacy skills dramatically (abc Life Literacy Canada).

Centreville PS celebrated a week of literacy to promote awareness of the importance of reading and writing skill development during the elementary school years. On Monday, January 27th, the whole school spent the first thirty minutes of the day engaged in reading for enjoyment, learning and skill development. Students found a comfortable spot in their classrooms and read a variety of material from a range of relevant genres. Some read books from classroom or home library collections, others used technology including accessing selections from their SORA accounts, and a few of our younger readers worked on reading skill development using their Lexia licenses.


On Tuesday, students wore T-shirts bearing logos and phrases that were personally meaningful. Over the course of the day, we stopped one another to read each other’s shirts and share stories and anecdotes that explained the relevance of our choices. Classes also participated in a shared story activity that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The kindergarten class started us off with a story opener composed on chart paper. From there the story travelled from class to class with students contributing to the developing narrative. The completed piece was read over the announcements on Thursday morning to the delight of everyone! (the completed composition can be found below)

Once upon a time there was a triangle, a square and a circle. On a beautiful summer day they all went fishing on a beach. All of a sudden a shark swam by…

The ferocious shark came closer and closer to the shapes. The sneaky shark nipped the corner of the triangle and took it to a private island where it has to defeat a monster to survive.

Circle and Square noticed that Triangle was gone!  They rented a speedboat and drove at super sonic speed towards the magical looking island. Unfortunately, the steering wheel broke, but fortunately, a circle is the same shape as a steering wheel.  Luckily, a 2D square can use its vertices as hands to steer! As Circle and Square approached, they saw a “ginormous hairy monster come out of a volcano-shaped cave and attack Triangle. The monster was about to throw Triangle into a horrible volcano when Circle realized that it was an unusual-looking magma monster!  Circle and Square used the bailing bucket from the boat to carry water to throw on the monster. As the water splashed against its chest, the monster began to steam up, and, gradually, bit by bit, it turned to stone.

All of the shapes started to celebrate.  Circle was rolling round and around. Suddenly, Square heard a strange bubbling sound.  Little did they know that the nipped corner of Triangle had been infected by the saliva from the shark’s mouth, and it was melting the stone surrounding the monster.  As the shapes ran towards the speed boat, Triangle turned and saw the monster burst out of the stone!

The monster ran towards them as fast as he could. Circle and square rushed to retrieve the triangle. Who was frozen with fear. Once the three of them were safely in the boat circle jumped into his steering wheel position. Triangle still frozen said, “Maybe the monster was friendly and the volcano was his home.” Circle and Square stared at the triangle in awe and he said, “Okay. Maybe, maybe not.” Squared fired up the speedboat engine. It didn’t start. The shapes were stuck on the island with the monster and the shark was nowhere to be seen. Circle came up with a brilliant idea. “We should swim out into the ocean and try to lure the monster in Since we already know that water can defeat it.” He said. “Circle that’s brilliant!”,exclaimed square. “But the question is how will we do that? We’re only three little shapes.” 

“The question is, why would we want to do that? '', Triangle retorted. “Did you forget about the triangle-eating shark in these waters?”.

“That may be true but if we go at them from the right angle we can do this!” exclaimed Square.

Triangle then yells “ It’s morphin’ time!”.

Then all three shapes morph together, making one giant irregular shape that can attack from any angle. They approach the atrocious monster, Triangle breaks out into his Pythagorean theorem to confuse the monster. Square lifts the monsters left arm and yells, “A squared plus”. Then Circle lifts the right arm and yells “B squared equals”. Combining powers they simultaneously yell “C SQUARED!'', thrusting their arms forward sending waves of confusion towards the monster, knocking him out of the equation. 

The shapes proceed to transform into an airplane, with Square being the fuelselage, Triangle being the propeller and Circle splitting into two semicircle wings. They fly off into the X-axis and live happily ever after.

Finally on Thursday morning, all of our older students were buddied up with our younger children, and the partners shared stories in the gym by flashlight! Great fun was had by all!

Literacy Week 1Literacy Week 2Literacy Week 3


Families got involved at home by completing their “Reading For the Love of It!” bingo cards. Congratulations to our lucky winner, Jackson Gray, whose card was pulled in the draw on Monday February 3rd. Jackson has won $125 to put towards books for the Grade 1/2/3 classroom library. Ms. Tyler will be enlisting Jackson’s help to choose books that his classmates can enjoy.


Thank you to the entire Centreville Public School community for helping make this Literacy Week a memorable one and for helping us to develop both skills and enthusiasm for reading and writing in our students!